Transforming Real Estate Visuals with Dresma - A Success Story of "widu"

About the client

Client Name: widu
Industry: Real Estate and Accommodation
Location: Germany
Market: Europe and Latin America

In a digital world where stunning visuals can make all the difference in the competitive real estate and accommodation markets, widu, a German startup, has emerged as a game-changer. By partnering with Dresma, a cutting-edge image editing company, they have been able to speed up delivery of key visuals services for clients across Europe and Latin America. This case study explores how Dresma’s partnership with widu has transformed their visual marketing strategies and helped them stand out in the crowd.

Key challenges faced

widu’s core challenge lay in the need to quickly edit their premium visual content across three different timezones. They required a solution that would not only produce visuals at scale but also maintain consistency and quality in their work.

Lack of Consistency (1)

Lack of consistency

Lack of Quality (1)

Lack of Quality

Slow Production (1)

Slow Production

How did Dresma help?

Dresma’s innovative image editing services proved to be the perfect solution for widu’s premium clients, who wanted their visuals delivered quickly. They offered a wide range of services that included image enhancement, background removal, virtual staging, and more. Dresma’s experienced team of editors ensured that every image was professionally edited. 

Lack of Quality copy

Maintain Consistency

Good Quality Images

Good Quality Images

Quick Production

Quick Production


Increased Conversions: With Dresma’s image editing expertise, widu saw a significant increase in conversion rates for their clients. The visually enhanced images captured the attention of potential buyers and renters, translating into more inquiries and sales.

Streamlined Workflow: Dresma’s efficient processes and quick turnaround times streamlined widu’s workflow, allowing them to handle more clients and projects simultaneously.

Global Expansion: The partnership with Dresma enabled widu to expand its operations beyond Europe into the Latin American market. The consistent quality of their visuals helped establish a strong international presence.

Client Satisfaction: Pairing widu’s high quality photographers and art directors with Dresma’s editing experience ensured clients were delighted with the visually stunning images that showcased their properties and accommodations. This not only strengthened existing relationships but also attracted new clients through word of mouth and referrals.

Here’s what the client had to say about DoMyShoot

“Dresma has been extremely helpful for our business. Their image editing services have allowed us to offer a responsive editing solution to our global real estate and accommodation clients” – MD, Francisco Gallardo

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